Tips to Get Coins on Roblox Game

Roblox is one of free online games that can be played by enormously multiplayer. The players in the game can create an avatar, create games, and also explore the games that are created by other users. In Roblox, there are two kinds of coins that can be gotten; coin decals and in-game coins that are collectible. By using the coin decals, you can decorate objects and bricks. Meanwhile, the collectible coins can be used to purchase kinds of items in Roblox shop. Besides, the coins collected during the game also can be used to unlock the special features in the game. The free coin decals can be gotten from Roblox catalog. Whilst the in-game coins can be found by playing the games that have coin feature. You only need to have Roblox account to get the coins.

How to Get Coin Decals in Roblox Game

  • After having a Roblox account, log in to access and explore the website.

  • Find a Catalog in the Roblox website and then click it.

  • Click the “Free Items” button and then continue to the “Decals” button.

  • Click the button of coin decal and then click “Take One!”

How to Get the Coins in Game

  • On the Roblox website, click the “Games” button

  • In the search box of the website, type “Coins” and then Enter your keyboard.

  • You will find a number of games as the search results and then choose one game to play. You can get coins from a Roblox game that provide feature coins.

  • Click the button “Play”

  • In the game play, you can use arrow keys or A, S, D, F keys on the keyboard to make the Roblox character moves. During the game, you can look for the coins offered.

  • When you move a character over the coins, then the coins are collected from the Roblox game.

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